Get Your Golfing Mojo Going

Why clear the guttering when you could be clearing the bunkers. Ditch the DIY, set the phone to silent, and head straight to Pegasus Golf Course.

Nurture your golfing soul whenever you like. Whether you’re a once-a-year player or a member of another club, you’ll enjoy casual green fees at the same great rate as affiliated players. Click here to check out our full range of green fees and equipment hire.  If you are still trying to convince yourself, here are a few more reasons why you should head on over;

  • Stunning championship golf course with excellent features
  • Challenging course for any level of player
  • Choose between 9-18 holes
  • Covered driving range inc pop-up tees
  • Fantastic range of coaching options
  • Golf pro shop

So put down your tools and dig out your clubs and call us on 03 920 3300 now or book online on